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Innolcon (A/CH)

The ultrasonic surgical system (Ultrasonic Scalpel) is a groundbreaking piece of clinical surgical equipment that uses ultrasonic energy to promote hemostatic cutting and coagulation of soft tissues. It can be used to cut soft tissue other than bone tissue and fallopian tubes, as well as to cut and seal vessels up to 5mm in diameter. It has been widely applied in a variety of open and endoscopic surgeries.

Compared with traditional manual devices or devices powered by other energy sources, the Ultrasonic Scalpel offers greater accuracy, lower smoke output, and no electro current flows through patients’ bodies – bringing greater safety to patients and more convenience to surgeons.


Innolcon Products


The ultrasonic generator Y16-E provides an excitation signal and a high frequency AC power source to drive hand pieces. It provides two power levels – minimum and maximum – and offers 5-level power adjustment to meet different clinical requirements such as faster dissection or reliable coagulation.

Hand Pieces

The hand piece is available in two models – HP401 and HP501 – for use with gun-style scalpels (SG) and scissor-style scalpels (SS). The two handles are designed to meet the varied surgical tool needs of different departments and surgeons.


Gun-type scalpels include four models: SG13, SG22, SG35, and SG45. Each model features minimum and maximum energy settings and an ergonomic design, meeting the operating needs of different users. At present, they are widely used in endoscopic surgeries and open surgeries.
The scissor-type scalpels have been designed as sterilized disposable products, too. They include the SS9 and SS17 models that are commonly used in open surgery. The SS series’ unique cutter head design not only delivers similar characteristics to the gun-type scalpels in gripping and dissecting, but also boasts extra unique advantages.