Our Partners

To position the DACH Medical Group Holding AG as the leading provider of innovation in all fields of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the markets of German, Austrian & Swiss markets. We will achieve this through continued investment in all current product portfolios, customer service excellence, and through actively seeking out new partnerships which are complementary to our business fields. We will conduct our business in a manner which ensures stable and sustainable growth for our company. A deep trust connects us with our manufacturers to break new ground, to dare change and to take responsibility. Break New Ground


In the past three years, the pandemic and geopolitical situation changed the supply chain. Products became rare, the delivery took longer and is more expensive. A reliable supply chain is part of our company identity. We are aware, that global market economy influences might affects us. Nevertheless, as medical technology company we do have a central responsibility for the hospitals and its patients. To avoid or reduce delivery passes, we built up our storage capacity in Europe. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that one of our manufacturer Panther healthcare has put its new warehouse into operation.

An internal survey has revealed: “The DACH Medical Group delivered in the year 2021, 99,8% of all ordered products within one business day to the hospitals.”

Our goal is also in the future to be a reliable partner for the hospitals in the D/A/CH-region.