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Welcome to the DACH Medical Group

The DACH Medical Group Holding AG is a medical device distribution company, dedicated to the distribution of medical devices in the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DACH Medical Group maintains offices, warehousing, customer service and sales operations in each of the three countries.

 Our company was founded and is staffed by very experienced medical device professionals.

  • Airseal from Conmed

    Insufflation Management System for a stable pneumoperitoneum Surgical smoke without risk

  • ISO 9001 Certification

    The DACH Medical Group disposes of an ISO9001 certification

  • New – Espiner Bag

    Endoscopic specimen removement with the Espiner contained morcellation bag.

  • NEW O.R. Company

    New in the portfolio of the DACH Medical Group: Suture PassOR™, Scope CleanOR™, Liquid Scope WarmOR™ from the O.R. Company